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Announcement #1

Link to the final prioject of our 2nd residency at Casabe Houses for the Eldelry.  The first part is recording of songs over the past 2 years called "Songs from Las Panchas," and the other is our mini-Oral History Project we initiated towards the middle of 2018.​​

Link to final project

Announcement #2

Photos and video from our 2nd Annual Celebration: Showcase/Fundraiser
which took place Friday, December 14th 2018 at Casabe Houses for the
Elderly in East Harlem, NY 

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Announcement #3

We are trying to raise funds for The Lyric Lab
You can help us out by linking to our donation page here:

Link to webite donation page

Announcement #4

The Lyric Lab just began a brand new residency at the Stubbs Elementary School in Wilmington, Delaware with 2 classes of 5th grade young men and women til the end of the year. We will be meeting twice a month with the focus of completing a printed anthology of their writings.  We are so happy to be expanding to another city's educational system.

The Lyric Lab is also back at the Park Place Community Middle School 266 in Brooklyn.  Our 1st residency running through the end of January of 2019, will be a series of creative writing workshops with a printed anthology of students and parents writings as our culminating project.  This will be followed by an audio recording residency, taking us to the end of the school year, June 2019, having an online audio compilation as that culminating project. 

You can contact us about running similar residencies/workshops series at your school or after school program.


Announcement #5

From October 9th through the 13th, The Lyric Lab took part in a residency in Wilmington, Deleware at the Latin American Community Center in association with the Delaware Art Museum, 302 Guns Down and the Youth Advocates Program. Wilmington sadly is one of the cities that leads the nation in youth violence, so we were asked to work with some and prepare them for a performance at the end of the series with The Last Poets.  It was an amazing residency and performance, and the event took place on Saturday, October 13th 2018 at the Delaware Art Museum.
Link to this residency

Announcement #6

Listen to all of the Lyric Lab Audio Compilations which we put out every few months at our Music Station, to highlight participants at various sites.
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