Who Do We Serve

Our workshops are for anyone and everyone, from Pre-K students to  Seniors.  You can find us at schools, after school programs,  community centers, shelters, detention centers/prisons, colleges and universities, senior  centers and drug treatment programs.
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What Do We Offer

- Writing Residencies
With a minimum of 10 scheduled days, from traditional poetry to Hip Hop, these classes are excellent for students of all ages, from the very young to the elderly. Let us discuss and explore your own words using Hip Hop and other poetic forms.

- Recording Residencies
With a minimum of 10 scheduled days for a residency, participants will experience the magic of our writing workshop and audio recording setup, with the hopes of making a musical compilation. 20 day residencies and longer are also available.

 - Staff Developments 
For Educators: How to successfully bring creative writing into your classroom or educational setting? Learn the Lyric Lab approach with some helpful tips, suggestions and icebreakers.

- Parent Workshops
Learn about how we do Parent Engagement and Parent Enrichment. Think about your parents spearheading a community lead project like a school CD/online musical compilations of songs and poetry, or consider them developing an anthology of their own writings and reflections. 

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